8th Grade Tournament to begin on Monday

The 2018-2019 8th Basketball Tournament is set to begin on Monday, January 28th and conclude with the Championship game at Denmark High School on Friday, February 1.

2019 8th Basketball Bracket

Monday, January 28

Boys Games:

Host Site: Riverwatch Middle School

8 seed Little Mill v 9 seed Otwell @ 5:00pm

7 seed Riverwatch v. 10 seed North Forsyth (2nd game)


Girls Games:

Host Site: DeSana Middle School

8 seed South Forsyth  v. 9 seed Riverwatch @ 5:00 pm

7 seed DeSana v. 10 seed Piney Grove (2nd Game)


Tuesday, January 29

Boys Games:

Host Site: South Forsyth Middle School

4 seed Liberty v. 5 seed Piney Grove @ 5:00 pm

1 seed South Forsyth v. Winner of LMMS/OMS ( 2nd Game)

Host Site: Vickery Creek Middle School

3 seed Lakeside v. 6 seed DeSana @ 5:00 pm

2 seed Vickery Creek v. Winner of RMS/NFMS (2nd Game)


Girls Games:

Host Site: Lakeside Middle School

4 seed North Forsyth v. 5 seed Vickery Creek @ 5:00 pm

1 seed Lakeside v. Winner of SFMS/RMS (2nd Game)

Host Site: Little Mill Middle School

3 seed Liberty v. 6 seed Otwell @ 5:00 pm

2 seed Little Mill v. Winner of DMS/PGMS (2nd Game)


Wednesday, January 30th. 

Semi- Finals Host schools:

Girls – DeSana Middle School

Boys – Riverwatch Middle School


Friday, February 1st Championship at Denmark High School

Girls game @ 6:00 pm

Boys game after Girls.